House monitoring

house monitoring

Horrible things can happen to your home while you're away. We will personally check on your property on a regular basis in your absence to ensure everything is as it should be.

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Waste removal

Sometimes when you find yourself short on time or forced to leave town without much notice, worrying about proper waste removal can be a serious headache.

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Moving and Hauling

Homeowners will often muster sporadic inspiration to purge their homes of bulky junk and trash, only to find that they're unable to transport or, in some cases, even lift the items they wish to discard.

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Animal care

We at Propprep know how important pets are to their owners, and we strive to provide only the best in short or long-term care for your them.

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Cleaning Services

cleaning services

Everyone knows that a clean house is a happy house, but keeping up with the mess can be a serious challenge, especially for those living life on the go.

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Party Preparation

With our refined lists of bands and DJ's to catering services and bartenders, we can help you coordinate your next party or event and streamline all services so it goes as planned.

Rental Preparation

rental preparation

As we have rental properties of our own, we at Propprep are intimately familiar with the procedures and protocols involved in the rental process.

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