About Propprep

Propprep was created to provide the ultimate property management and concierge service available in Berkshire County and the surrounding area. 

Why Use Propprep:

Propprep and it's associated companies help you maintain your home and aid in preparation for sale and/or rental. We also offer Residential and Commercial property management services.


We will help you in preparing your home for sale or rental by providing the ultimate staging services.  We work with recognized interior designers and architects to facilitate your  needs.

Inspections Services

Propprep works with the most respected and established licensed home inspectors in the area to provide you with the most thorough, detailed inspections.  Having a proper home inspection is crucial in the process of buying a home.

Real Estate Agents propprep works with the most reliable real estate agents in the area to get your property listed for rental or sale and/or to help you find your new home.

What we do

Property Prep is a one stop company to aid in all of your service needs.  Propprep coordinates and hires skilled home maintenance, restoration and design solutions directly to the home owner. PropPrep services help you maintain the value and integrity of your home or business.